Occupational License Tax

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Links to Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 47, Chapter 3
 (R. S. 47:341 - 47:364)

RS 47:341 Imposition of tax; municipalities and parishes
RS 47:342 General definitions
RS 47:343 Payment of tax
RS 47:344 New business; license due upon commencement
RS 47:345 Change of ownership or lessee
RS 47:346 Separate license required for each location, based on primary class of business
RS 47:347 Class of business
RS 47:348 Period used where gross receipts are the measure of the license
RS 47:349 Taxpayers required to keep records; confidentiality
RS 47:350 Application for licenses
RS 47:351 Failure to pay tax; judgment prohibiting further pursuit of business
RS 47:351.1 Occupational license tax refunds
RS 47:352 Collector authorized to make rules and regulations
RS 47:353 Records to be kept by collector
RS 47:354 Retail dealers in merchandise, services, and rentals
RS 47:354.1  Retail dealers in gasoline and motor fuel
RS 47:355 Wholesale dealers in merchandise, service and rentals; retail dealers to institutional consumers; shipbuilders; and contractors
RS 47:356 Business of lending or of dealing of notes secured by chattel mortgages or other liens
RS 47:357 Brokerage and commission agents
RS 47:358 Public utilities
RS 47:359 Businesses where licenses are based on flat fees
RS 47:360 Exemptions
RS 47:361 Deductions
RS 47:362 Special provisions
RS 47:363 Exemptions and deductions; governmental subdivisions
RS 47:364 Collector to be furnished copies of ordinances and regulations


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