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General Informaton

       St. John the Baptist Parish has levied sales and use taxes that currently total 5.25%, effective July 1, 2017. This tax rate is levied in all areas of the Parish. Coupled with the State of Louisiana sales and use tax rate of 4.45%, taxable transactions in the Parish carry a sales and use tax rate totaling 9.7%. 

     The St. John the Baptist Parish School Board, as collection agent for the Parish, has contracted with ACI St. John, LLC (an Assured Compliance, Inc. company) for the administration, operations, examination and information technology services involved in the collection of all of the sales and use taxes in the Parish of St. John the Baptist. Of course, the School Board still possesses the ultimate authority. Any and all sales and use taxpayer matters in and for the Parish of St. John the Baptist should be directed to ACI St. John, LLC using the contact information listed .