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MORE ABOUT Assured Compliance, Inc.

         Assured Compliance, Inc. (ACI) specializes in helping government entities “assure compliance” with their laws, ordinances and regulations. Our name and our motto, (“our name…our mission”), speak for themselves. Our extensive expertise brings efficiencies to both the governments we serve and the citizens and businesses they serve. We deliver value, reduce cost, maximize revenue and drive continuing improvements in effectiveness through flexibility and innovation. We make government service outsourcing as asset for everyone involved.

      ACI was formed in 2003 by N.P. Stein, CPA CTE. Mr. Stein currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of ACI and its subsidiaries. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Tax Examiner. He served local taxing agencies in the River Parishes for over twenty (20) years prior to forming ACI.

      ACI was organized to meet the ever increasing service outsourcing needs of government agencies. Government agencies are sometimes better served by partnering with specialized private entities to perform some of their essential functions. Those government agencies often suffer from staff constraints including size and expertise. ACI specializes in compliance, is staffed to meet the needs of the compliance effort and possesses compliance specific experience. ACI uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance the services it offers. These are some of the reasons why ACI is sometimes better suited to handle the compliance effort for government agencies. As more and more government agencies employ ACI’s services, the benefits increase. Economies of scale multiply and expertise spreads further.

      Currently ACI supports government agencies with sales and use tax, occupational license tax, parking tax, hotel/motel tax and amusement tax collection functions. ACI is targeting service support in other compliance areas including insurance tax, property tax, permits, fees and licenses.

      ACI takes pride in being the first of its kind to contract with an agency to turn-key an entire tax collection function. Our success is in our results. If you are a government agency that thinks you can use ACI expertise to handle your compliance functions, leaving you to better concentrate on serving the public, contact us.