Local Sales Tax Holiday


The St. John the Baptist Parish Council , on June 28, 2012, enacted Ordinance No. 12 - 29, which provides for an exemption of parish government sales taxes on the same items and time period as the State of Louisiana.

Additionally, Louisiana R. S. 47:337.10 provides that a governing authority of a St. John the Baptist Parish political subdivision shall exempt from sales tax the same purchases of tangible personal property as has been exempted by the state during sales tax holidays.

There are, at present, three sales tax holidays granted by the State of Louisiana.  They are the Hurricane Preparedness, see Louisiana R. S. 47:305.58, held during the last Saturday and Sunday of May; the Annual Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday, see Louisiana R. S. 47:305.54, held the first consecutive Friday and Saturday of August; and the Annual Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Holiday, see Louisiana R. S. 47:305.54, held the first consecutive Friday and Saturday of September.  The referenced statutes provide the particulars as to what is applicable for each holiday.  The guide below will offer additional information.

 Sales Tax Holiday Guide

Cessation of Sales Tax Holidays:  Act 1 of the 2018 Third Extraordinary Session of the Louisiana Legislature established a list of approved exemptions and exclusions from the 4.45 percent state sales tax beginning July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2025.  This list omitted all previously instituted State Sales Tax Holidays.  As St John the Baptist Parish sales tax holidays were tied to the Louisiana sales tax holidays, the Louisiana Annual and Hurricane Preparedness will not return until June 30, 2025, unless otherwise directed by statute.  The Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday, held the first consecutive Friday through Sunday each September. will continue to be observed.

See Revenue Information Bulletin No 18-020.



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