Live Entertainment Event Permit


Article IV.-Live Entertainment, Section 24-130, of the St. John the Baptist Parish Code of Ordinances requires that a permit shall be required prior to the establishment or commencement of any live entertainment activity, including any of the following or substantially similar activities or events:

Theatrical or staged productions;
   b)  Athletic contests;
   c)  Concerts or recitals;
Bands, combos, and other live musical
   g)  Dancing;
)  Fashion shows;
   i)  Comedy shows;
   j)  DJ's or other masters of ceremonies playing recorded
         music and responding to requests.


This permit shall not be required for events constituting a “mass meeting,” as per Chapter 24, Article II, Mass Meetings, which require the approval of the Parish Council.

The following activities or events are exempt from the Live Entertainment Permit requirements:

  a)   Periodic entertainment by schools and churches;
  b)  Live entertainment at weddings and similar religious
  c)  Family gathering;
  d)  Private, non-commercial entertainment of guests
       within the confines of a residential site.

The permit will be issued on either a temporary or
ongoing basis. The fee for a Temporary Live Entertainment Permit is $100 per event.  The fee for a renewable permit for Occupational License holders is $100.00, for the initial application, and $50.00 for each one-year renewal which is due at the time of the Occupational LIcense renewal. 

One time event permit application form:
Live Entertainment Event Permit Application

Renewable permit application form:
Schedule E - Live Entertainment Permit Application

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